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Thanks for friends who was joining Jakarta Walking Tour. We are beyond happy to show you the authentic part of the city. This page dedicated to everyone who want to hear more about our blissful day in Jakarta. Happy exploring!

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Jakarta Walking Tour Reviews

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  • I took the food tour with Vera in December and had an amazing time! Best food tour, best tour guide and we had a wonderful time. Delicious foods and very informative and fun experience. I would do it again anytime. �

    Bissie Tarekegn Avatar Bissie Tarekegn
    January 8, 2018
  • The food tour was the highlight of my brief trip to Jakarta. Overall I do not have an affinity for Asian food but Vera did change my mind on that to some extent. Her Food selection was great (she also takes requests) and she described the background of the cuisines we consumed. This tour should be high on your list.

    Hesham Mansour Avatar Hesham Mansour
    March 12, 2017
  • I did the Jakarta Favorite Tour and had Vera as my tour guide. Very personable and was like having a friend showing you around the city. I learned a lot of things about the city that I wouldn't know if I traveled by myself, especially because I'm not familiar with the transportation system. I really enjoyed my day seeing the city and had a great time with Vera. Thank you!

    Paajcha Julie Xiong Avatar Paajcha Julie Xiong
    August 9, 2017
  • I went on the Jakarta food tour with Vera and it was such a fun and great experience. Vera is the kindest and the places she took me had delicious food. I had been living in Jakarta for quite some time, but she made me discover a lot of new things. I would highly recommend doing this tour.

    Eva Oude Elferink Avatar Eva Oude Elferink
    July 10, 2017
  • I took the foodie tour and the cultural & religious tour. My walking companion was Vera. I went to Jakarta by myself with little to no trip prep time. The tours were very insightful and useful. I asked a lot of questions. This was a great way to get a general layout of the city, the culture, and the food so I could continue my solo journey afterwards. I highly recommend it!

    Carlos Hip Avatar Carlos Hip
    May 18, 2017
  • Our tour was great! Our time in jakarta tour was flexible, big adjustments were made because our flight was delayed but vera made it possible for us to explore jakarta and enjoyed it. They are not just focus on where you will go but takes care of their clients during the tour. We highly recommend this tour.

    Lester Balmadrid Avatar Lester Balmadrid
    August 19, 2018
  • I finally know more about the chinese heritage in Jalarta! As an Indonesian with chinese ancestors, i‘ve always wanted to explore the Chinatown in Jakarta. Although I used to go there almost every weekend with my family in my childhood, i never have a chance to really knew it nor explore it thoroughly. So as i learned that Jakarta Walking Tour offer a walking tour in Chinatown, i took the chance immediately. The guide (Vera) is very nice, helpful and really fun to be around!Thank you so much Jakarta Walking Tour! Hope to join other tours of yours.

    Diana Anggajaya Avatar Diana Anggajaya
    December 15, 2017
  • Vera is all sorts of awesome! Simply the best way to experience local street food (and many others) in Jakarta. She knows every hidden corner.

    Joshua Davies Avatar Joshua Davies
    May 9, 2017
  • Vera T. was so sweet, professional, and informative about Indonesian food and culture. She catered to my individual tastes and was not forceful, just suggestive. Anyone who takes the tour should bring their appetite, an open mind, and comfortable shoes. I went out of my way financially and time contrainst-wise to fly down to Jakarta from Shanghai just for this experience, literally. So made it so worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

    Carrie Budner Avatar Carrie Budner
    September 9, 2017
  • Highly recommended! Vera is very knowledgeable about the city's history and culture. She answered every question I had. Enjoyable experience

    Derek Cariaga Avatar Derek Cariaga
    March 14, 2018
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 82 reviews
 by Thomas A. Ross
Really excellent Street Food Tour

It was our first night in Jakarta and Eti took four of us on a tour of Indonesian street food that was far surpassed our expectations. Lots of endless food (you can order as much as you like as long as you eat it) from all sorts of street vendors, restaurants and stalls. We just kept food hopping including a, trying to pace ourselves with small portions of everything. Even had a 3 wheeled becak or tuk tuk ride to change locations. Eti, who was fun and spoke great english, was willing to keep going but finally we couldn't eat or drink (no alcohol) any more and had to go home. HIGHLY recommended. And she sent us the pictures she had taken of our experience a few days later.

 by Paul Carlile
Amazing 8 hours in Jakarta

I thoroughly enjoyed my walking tour of Jakarta with Vera. I was able to carve out 8 hours to see the City and she filled it full of authentic experiences. We explored several open markets, sampled street food and fruits I have never seen before, the Museum Bank of Indonesia, Jakarta Old Town Square, the Grand Mosque, Catholic Cathedral and National Monument Park. Vera took the time to answer my many questions and also provided details I couldn't have anticipated about Indonesia's history, hybrid culture and religions. Vera personified the vibe I got from Indonesia; friendly, open minded, hardworking and culturally cosmopolitan.

 by Tamara
Food Tour with Eti 🍜🍲🍛

I arrived alone in Jakarta and was quite overwhelmed by all the new impressions. I booked the food tour to get in touch with the street food culture and the locals and can highly recommend it! Eti was great, she spoke perfect english and we chatted 5 hours straight. She even was so nice to take me to a rooftop bar in her free time after the tour so I could see the skyline. Food was tasty and authentic. Definitly worth the money!

 by Dennis
Awesome Tour

Had a great time on our food tour at China town. Vera was great with both my my elderly mom at 74 and youngest son at 5! We had a blast and we enjoy every moment of it. Food was great, chat and sharing was fantastic. Is a must try guys!

 by Tomomi
Aussie Guests

Vera took my family for two half day guided tours of Jakarta, to help us get to know interesting aspects of our new home. She did a wonderful job and the tours were really interesting for our whole group, and lots of fun too. Vera was incredibly thoughtful and even bought special gifts for my kids which was a lovely gesture. We'll definitely arrange another tour with Vera again when we have visitors to Jakarta.

 by Colleen Pilgrim
Visting Professor from USA

I was in Jakarta as a visiting professor. I was new to the city and as a female traveling alone it was great to find this tour group. Vera was awesome in exploring Jakarta with me and I have so many wonderful pictures and information to take back to my students. She geared the entire day toward my interests. Vera knows the city, has great stories and information, and is just an awesome and fun person. She is willing to reach out to others thoughout your walk; indeed we ran into another USA researcher during our walks and ended up having coffee together and chatting. She has a set tour as we saw mosque, cathedral etc., but it is such that you can take advantage of what happens to be in the city on the day of your walk. At the National Monument we stopped to watch the practing for the Independence holiday and stopped for a marching band. Thank you Vera for a wonderful and fun experience of the people and places in Jakarta.

 by Abigail Kelly - USA
Excellent Cultural & Religious Tour

We loved our walking tour with Vera. We took the Jakarta Cultural and Religious walking tour and could not have been happier. We walked through historic markets, saw areas and monuments of historical significance, visited the grand mosque, and sampled Indonesian fruits. Vera had a deep knowledge of Indonesian history and was able to give us a nuanced and fascinating glimpse into the layers that make Indonesia what it is. She even stayed with us an extra 45 minutes to answer our questions about Indonesian politics! Thank you so much!

 by Hidemi - Japan
Cultural & Religious Tour

I really enjoyed the walking tour with my husband.
Vera showed us the way so easily not only in crossing the crowded traffic ^o^
but also in sharing some kind of philosophy. We found it very interesting. Banyak terima kasih.

 by Kathleen
Vera is great!

Vera is a wonderful tour guide. I had one of my friends come and visit me from the U.S., and even though I live in Jakarta she took us to many sights I had not heard of. I highly recommend these tours.

 by Felix and Corinne
Martabak, martabak, martabak!

Remember that word. What is it you ask? It is a concoction of pure deliciousness that you can customize to your liking (sweet, savory, or somewhere in between). Had we not gone on the food tour with Vera, we never would have discovered this pancake/cake/heavenly treat, as well as numerous other goodies to eat.
My husband and I had never been to Indonesia, and we are so so happy that we decided to do this tour with Vera. We arrived just when the holy month of Ramadan was just starting, so nobody was eating anything during the day (fasting). We did the cultural part of the tour, visiting the gigantic mosque and other local parks/neighborhoods, during the day. At night is when the fun truly began, because that's when everyone came out to eat!
Walking along the narrow sidewalks, uncountable motorcycles zipping by, smelling all the different food vendors wares - it was quite an experience. We sampled meatballs, soups, sesame-coated sweets, beef and chicken satay (meat on a stick), vegetables in peanut sauce, fruits we had never seen before, and of course the martabak. We loved the martabak so much we are actually in the process of trying to track down an Indonesian cook who lives in our city so that he can make the martabak for us!
We did a 3-island trip of Indonesia, and Jakarta was our first stop. Overall, the tour was great and I don't have anything negative to say about it. I couldn't imagine experiencing Indonesia without this tour, because it really set the tone for the rest of the trip and was a great introduction to Indonesian culture. As others have said, go hungry and don't be afraid to try something whose name you can't pronounce - you won't regret it! Vera will answer any question you have about the culture and the food, and will customize the experience for you based on your preferences so that you will not be disappointed. Absolutely recommended.

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