soto in jakarta

Soto is one dish that is found throughout the archipelago but have their own specific regional variation. There are dozens of varieties of soto, but this soup dish is mainly composed of broth, meat, and vegetables. Soto spices include the shallot, garlic, turmeric, root, galangal, ginger, coriander, salt and pepper.

Soto is usually garnished with sohun (rice vermicelli), bean sprouts, sliced boiled eggs, chopped spring onions and Chinese celery. The soup is usually accompanied by rice or rice cakes (ketupat or lontong) and eaten with potato cakes (perkedel), shrimp crackers (kerupuk udang) or gnetum seed crips (emping).

Source                  : “The Ultimate Destination of INDONESIA”
Copyright            : Indonesia Culture and Tourism Ministry (2011)
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Jakarta is a home for foods of Indonesia. This is the best thing of capital city like Jakarta, you could find almost every characterize dishes from different regions in the archipelago. Gudeg, a specialty of Yogyakarta, is a dish made of young jackfruit stewed in coconut-milk, palm sugar, and traditional spices. The jackfruit dish is very slowly cooked in a clay pot until very tender, which may take up to several hours. Several teak (jati) leaves are added to give the jackfruit its reddish chocholate color.

The accompanying dishes are also cooked in a similar way, such as chicken, boiled egg, tofu, and tempe (fermented soybean). To balance the sweetness, there’s the spicy Sambal Goreng Krecek or buffalo skin also cooked in coconut-milk.


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Gado-gado is very popular salad with many regional variations. It is sold everywhere, in the most exclusive restaurants and hotels or by a humble street hawker. This vegetable concoction originates from the Betawi of Jakarta, but known as national dishes as well.

Gado-Gado consists of blanched spinach, long beans, bean sprouts, shredded cabbage, sliced fried tofu, and boilded eggs cut into wedges. A warm salad with tangy peanut dressing, gado-gado is sometimes eaten with rice or rice cakes (lontong). The peanut sauce is made from deep fried peanuts blended with an assortment of herbs, such as lime leaves and chilies that gives it a fresh, spicy taste. Indonesian peanut sauce is a delicate balance of tastes that blends and adapts itself to the various ingredients it complements. Peanut sauce must not be too thick or too runny.

Source                  : “The Ultimate Destination of INDONESIA”
Copyright            : Indonesia Culture and Tourism Ministry (2011)
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What is Martabak?

It is for you who crave about Indonesian cuisine. Martabak is one of the most popular street food in Jakarta. There is two kind of martabak, sweet martabak and savory Martabak.

Sweet Martabak is a Bangka Martabak

Sweet Martabak actually is an American pancake, but Indonesians people make it thick. Sweet martabak made from flour, fresh milk, chicken egg, sugar, and butter. We cook the batter and put topping after it cooked well. Sweet Martabak has popular name: Bangka Martabak. People believe that sweet martabak is originally coming from Bangka island, Bangka Belitung Province near South Sumatra Indonesia.

what is martabak

Nowadays, businessman/woman take martabak to a new level. They modified it and put ‘fancy’ topping such us toblerone chocholate, cheese, oreo, red velvet, ovomaltine, and so on. But for you who like original local foods, just leave those fancy topping. You can try Sweet Martabak with “Wisman” Margarine. Banana and cheese topping is our favorite choice. Yumm!

Savory Martabak is a Duck Egg Martabak

Egg Martabak made from duck egg, chicken egg, cow meat, local spices, and onion leaf. They also made Martabak skin from flour dough and the sauce from vinegar. If you buy Martabak on the street, the seller will make it directly in front of you. It is an ‘interesting show’, like this on the video (start from 02:30) :

Where to buy Martabak? All you need is…asking.

For you who stay in Jakarta, you can find martabak easily in every corner of Jakarta’s street. If you are not familiar with Jakarta, please ask security, hotel receptionist, or anyone around you. They usually know something about this. Another option, you can try to order through local motorbike taxi apps like Gofood and Grabfood. They will bring Martabak in front of your door room. Don’t know how to use the apps? Again, ask local people around you.

what is martabak

Martabak seller on the street

Local Tips when you buy Martabak by yourself

We have a tips for meat lovers. Actually, you can ask more meat to put on your Duck Egg Martabak with additional price. It will bring more texture and flavor on your Martabak. Just give Martabak seller couple bucks only for additional meat. Trust us, it works!

where to buy martabak

Interesting fact about Duck Egg Martabak : it could be your night snack or even your dinner.

Why? It because some people like to eat martabak with white rice. We can not order Martabak in small portion so local people use to buy it when there is gathering with friends or family. It could be snack for 3 – 4 person, or meals if you are going to add white rice on your plate. Who can say no to Martabak? NO ONE. Everybody like MARTABAK!